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Voice acting?

2010-07-16 08:38:46 by Dumbles

Hey, does anyone like, need a voice actor?

Cuz I could do something like that if anyone needs a 14 year old VA.

Drop me a PM, and I'll get back to ya.


2010-06-27 18:34:01 by Dumbles

Getting adjusted to New Grounds, lots of thingummys to fiddle around with.

MS Paint, ftw?

2010-06-27 05:35:12 by Dumbles

I use MS Paint for most of my image editing. >_<

Hey, watch out!

2010-06-27 04:08:18 by Dumbles

Dumbles just made a NG account!

It's sort of blank right now, let's just fix that, shall we?